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November 16th, 2021 @ 18:00 CET - The Deep Beauty of Color and Light

November 16th, 2021 @ 18:00 CET - The Deep Beauty of Color and Light


Montaha Hidefi, VEN/SYR/CAN
Lien Potgieter, SA
Christiane Werzowa, A
Dr. Kaustav Sengupta, IND


5 experts from 4 continents will shine Light on the Deep Beauty of Color and it´s areas of impact in the past, present and future. Color in history, design, psychology, therapy, for creativity and communication and in color forecasting.

November 16th 2021, 12:00 ET
18:00 CET, 19:00 SA, 22:30 IST  (India Standard Time)

EUR 20,00

Montaha Hidefi

Montaha Hidefi


A renowned Color Archaeologist™, founder of Color Landing Studio, VP of Color Forecasting at CMG, VP of CRSC and Consultant with The ChemQuest Group. Over 20 years of international experience in color and trends research, color forecasting, portfolio ideation, marketing, coatings, specialty chemicals, and special effect pigments. Author, writer and public speaker.

Lien Potgieter

Lien Potgieter

South Africa

Lien Potgieter is a communication specialist, colour therapist and creativity consultant. She is an idea-a-minute kind of creative and loves to use colour to help people live a healthier happier life and co-create with the Universe. Lien published the book Get Color Conscious and Transform Your Experiences, and offers colour readings and personal development consultations online.

Christiane Werzowa

Christiane Werzowa


Working with color and light for more than 30 years. Color Consultant, Color/light therapist, inventor of the ColoredLightPyramid, founder and CEO of „Institut für Farbe und Stil“ and „CHORAM light.trans.forms“ based in Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Kaustav Sengupta

Dr. Kaustav Sengupta


Dr. Sengupta is an Academician, Color Spiritualist, Historian and social worker. In the past 2 decades, he has published more than 30 articles, papers, chapters etc., and is credited with two theories in the domain of color psychology and social-ecosystem. He has been interviewed by BBC UK and multiple media groups. Kaustav is on the board of studies of two institutions and has been heading a national project on forecasting, as Insights Director. His doctoral study is in the domain of color and how it impacts young people in India. Kaustav is the Founder of Color Association of India, a national body of color researchers. He is also the Founder Trustee (Honorary) of InkLink Charitable Trust, an NGO that enables creative education for crime-affected and underprivileged children in India. InkLInk (recognized by UNICEF) runs a make-shift not-for-profit street-school project fondly called as ‘morning lights’ for past 8 years in India and been able to engage more than 2850 children till date. His deep study and practices on color and it's role in spiritual wellbeing have enabled him to conduct multiple 'Color-Karma' (Copyright protected) workshops across the nation.

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Qualification: Ph.D., Masters of Design, Bachelor of Science, PGP-AI, Diploma in Fine Arts.

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