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Client statements

Tom Gödel

Works Council Vienna, April 2024
Over the last few months and years, I have been able to take advantage of several of Mrs. Buresch-Teichmann's offers and expand and strengthen my awareness of light, color and life energy.
My children have also enthusiastically accepted the color consultations and have even taken part in constellation evenings.
It is the "literally colorful" offer that contains many enriching aspects for healing - from color and light therapy to constellation evenings that fascinate me every time anew.
I would like to thank you, dear Golli, for your being and your diverse work and ask you to continue for a long time to come 😊 .

Dr. Jacob Liberman

( January 2018 )
Gabrielle has been a pioneer of light and color therapy for the past thirty years. After studying with many renowned teachers, she integrated their knowledge with her own experience and developed methods that are a reflection of her own wisdom and knowing. I am delighted to call Gabrielle my friend and colleague and send her my deepest congratulations on the 30 year celebration of her brilliant profession.
Love & Congratulations,

Anadi Martel

President, International Light Association ( January 2018 )
I have had the opportunity of closely collaborating with Gabrielle for many years now at the International Light Association, and I have come to appreciate her passionate dedication to our shared love of light and colours. This was especially highlighted with the superb way in which she organised the 2016 ILA conference in Vienna and turned it into one of our most successful ever. Gabrielle has a unique way of blending heartfullness and professionalism in all her realizations, an ability that defines so well what the best of working with colour can bring!

Mag. Michaela Heinrich-Bogensberger

Without color consulting our place would have remained plain old white: We would have had neither the courage nor the ideas to design our individual rooms in accordance with the moods we wanted there. Through this extremely professional advising we now live in a color paradise that enthralls not only us, but also all who have seen our place sofar. And I am amazed what a pleasant effect the colors have on me.

Mag. Sonja Besenhofer

Business Consultant/Coach
Color-Light has brought a new dimension into my life, in that I now see the world with new eyes - more colorful ones. And the experiences of the Color Light Evenings are amongst my nicest.
The inner child work has helped me discover and resolve personal issues. Analysis with the Hygeia Method always supported and reflected this. In addition, exposure to the necessary colors and complementary colors also helped me find inner peace and become more balanced.

Mag. Tita Ruben

Artist and Holistic Color Consultant
Life is always a gift, but it was thanks to the fates and, with that, Gabrielle M. Buresch-Teichmann that my life is as colorful as it is. Since my training as a Holistic Color Consultant in early summer of 1997, where a seed consisting of 100% colorphilia and 100% competence was planted, I have been allowed to grow substantially. I can highly recommend this GMBT fertilization process.

Mag. Barbara Nanoff-Schediwy

No doubt Color Light has enhanced my trances, my emotional sensitivity, my impressions, memories, images and sensing ability. In daily life I noticed that during the time of the Color Light Evenings my cognition in regard to conversations and the learning effects therein have deepened. I have the impression that the effects are even more far-reaching, on a deep level, and long-term.
I especially like the combination with the inner child meditation. I believe that the effect the light has on the soul underlies especially good conditions here, shall we say. It is also fascinating what differing impressions the various participants had and have - not just in the emotional area, but also in seeing, in sensing the aura... All in all, my expectations were fulfilled and I am l glad that I was able to participate. Am curious what all will come up for me in the next series!

Hon. Prof. Dr. Karl F Stifter

Clinical Psychology and Sexual Therapist
The personal, holistic color consulting was a decisive therapy for a patient of mine.

Dr. Dorothea Becker

Psychiatrist (wrote in winter of 2005)
For one and a half years I have now been participating in the Color Light Evenings during the dark time of the year and it simply does me good. For one thing, it simply has a very subtle, positive psychological effect that I can best describe with the word "en-lighten-ing," and, on the other hand, I wasn't sick once, which I associate with their immune-boosting effects. A wonderful, gentle therapy!

Maria Wachter

Kindergarten teacher (wrote in June of 2006)
Through an accident that forced me to keep still for a while, I was able to recognize the chaos I had going on in many areas of my life. I had just started a cycle of Color Light Evenings and received loving support from Ms. Buresch-Teichmann. A few Hygeia color-light sessions, combined with inner child work, strengthened my whole personality and as such I found the courage to speak up about problems and stand up for myself. My relationships also changed greatly.
A family constellation, led by Ms. Buresch-Teichmann, brought me so much clarity that I was able to put away my glasses soon thereafter (had 4 dioptrin).
I am very thankful: through her love of colors and how we can integrate them into our lives, as well as through her deep sense of empathy I have managed to find a happy life


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