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Solution-Oriented Systemic Constellations

Over the course of our lives we develop various inner images of our family, our relationships, our work and ourselves. Some expand our lives, others keep us stuck in limiting patterns and beliefs. We experience these as constantly re-turning dissatisfaction, illness, or conflicts in daily life. Constellation work gives us the opportunity to make the hidden powers and dynamics of a system visible. It expands the visible world we are familiar with by letting us see and feel what was hitherto invisible and unutterable.

These inner images, which first appear as a problem image, are then „set up“ in the room within the group and gradually turned into a freeing solution image for the client in the course of the process. Family constellation work is a powerful tool for removing old burdens from our souls that bind our energy und hinder us from truly unfolding. They are healing for all those who belong to a system – even if those individuals are not physically involved in the constellation work.

Solution-oriented systemic constellations are not only helpful for setting up family situations, but also for topics concerning work, relationships, business endeavors, illness, decisions, creative topics, etc.

Important in this constellation work (shaped by Matthias Varga von Kibed and Steve de Shazer, among others) is its goal-orientedness, which allow clients to quickly feel results.

Singular Combination Constellation Work and Color-Light Therapy:

I offer constellations in combination with prior color and/or light therapy. This way I combine the healing effects of color and light therapy with the healing effects of constellation work, which has shown itself to be extremely efficient.

Another fascinating and very healing area are creative color constellations such as chakra constellations, using colors as resources in a constellation, and color therapy constellations.

How a Constellation works:

  • In a preliminary conversation, the client discusses the topic that they want to “illuminate.” A clear goal statement is then worked out.
  • Next the client chooses members of the group who represent members of their family of origin or current family – depending on the topic – including a representative for themselves. The client then positions these people in the room intuitively, in accordance with their own inner image.
  • The representatives are then asked about their feelings and body sensations that now surface due to their own position in the room and in regard to the other representatives around them.
  • Within the framework of the constellation, an improvement in the well-being of those in the set-up is then reached through shifting their positions in the room. Powerful ritual statements, ritual-like processes, gestures and symbols further serve to improve each members well-being.
    The facilitator guides the constellation work so that slowly and gently all involved find a space they feel comfortable in.
  • The client then makes the new solution image part of their own inner image by literally “stepping into the picture” in the place of their representative.
  • 4-6 weeks after the constellation, the changes that the client has noticed as a result of the constellation are discussed with the client.
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