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Hygeia Color-Light Therapy

Areas of application and effects:

Due to its harmonizing effects on all areas of our being, this therapy supports both physical and emotional healing processes. It is especially effective in dissolving stress and depression and stimulates personal growth and transformation.

Hygeia Color-Light Therapy has been especially successful in relieving high or low blood pressure, menstrual problems, infections, colds, lethargy, depressions, winter depressions, migraine headaches and chronic fatigue. As a preventive measure it also strengthens the immune system.

Children often respond quickly and positively to color light therapy, They show especially positive results when dealing with general restlessness, hyper-activity, learning difficulties, sleeping problems and emotional stress (eg grief, parent’s separating, etc).

The old cultures in Egypt, Greece, China and India, as well as famous personalities such as Isaac Newton, Goethe and Rudolf Steiner spent considerable time looking into the power of colored light. Theo Gimbel innovatively combined this valuable knowledge with the results of modern research and founded the „Hygeia College of Colour Therapy“ in England. There he developed a gentle method that is employed as complementary therapy worldwide.

How a color-light session works

At the start of a color-light session, which takes about 1½ hours, an individual (spinal) color test is made. This shows in which areas of our being (mental, emotional, metabolic, physical) there are energetic imbalances. After these are made conscious, they are harmonized and balanced in a light bath in the appropriate light color and complementary color. This leads to deep feelings of relaxation, serenity, and release.


Hygeia colored light that is radiated in a harmonizing rhythm is a gentle, relaxing energy that leads us to to our center and into self-love.

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