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Color-Light Therapy acc. to Dr. Jacob Liberman

Areas of application and effects:

Especially effective with: chronic fatigue, all forms of stress, insomnia, depression, SAD winter depression. Activates and strengthens immunity.
Possible improvement of vision.
It also releases old physical and emotional stress factors.
Expands perception and creativity.
Enhances energy flow, joy, and quality of life on all levels!

The American Dr. Jacob Liberman is regarded as the pioneer of modern light therapy. He researched the healing influence of light and color. Within the framework of his scientific work he was the first to prove that our bodies are biological light receptors and that sunlight is our primary source of life and energy. Journey of Light through the body: light-eyes- hypothalamus-nervous system + endocrine system- pineal- melatonin synthesis- fertility- slowing down the ageing process?

Every color of the light spectrum relates to an aspect of our lives in its frequency. How each of us reacts to colored light is as unique as our fingerprints. Colors that have a magnetic effect on us are the frequency equivalents of those aspects of life that we are drawn to – those aspects that we welcome. Colors that do not attract us normally stand for experiences from the past that we have not really dealt with and which we have unconsciously decided to protect ourselves from. They represent the aspects in life that we negate. However, these colors are the very key to our expansion, our healing. For what we resist we attract. Becoming receptive to what we resist brings us peace and expansion on all levels.

Color-light therapy enables us to recognize those aspects of the spectrum which we have closed ourselves to. It is a systematic way to balance and expand our receptivity. It includes freeing ourselves of old physical and emotional stress factors. Regular color-light therapy sessions can help us to open up, quiet the mind, expand creativity and consciousness. They can help us to unfold our greatest potential.

„Light is the marriage of the rational and the intuitive sciences. Light forms the initiating mechanism for all biological functions of man“ (from Light Medicine of the future by Dr. Jacob Liberman)


We experience a phenomenal dimension of ourselves far beyond words and open ourselves to experiencing the flowing and the bliss that resides in us all.

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