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June 15th 2021 @ 20:00 CET - Color Light and Pyramids

June 15th 2021 @ 20:00 CET - Color Light and Pyramids

Christiane Werzowa AT

Graduation as translator for English at the University of Vienna. Almost 10 years of studying, practising and teaching yoga
Training in psychosynthesis according to Roberto Assagioli´s model of human consciousness
Training Color Consulting in Frankfurt, Germany and interdisciplinary studies of color design with IACC (International Association of Colour Consultants) at the University of Salzburg.
Founding of INSTITUT FÜR farbe & stil (Institute for Color & Style). Since then working as color consultant and image trainer for companies.
The inspiration of colors and ongoing studies in the field of colored light energetics and healing led to the idea of the ColoredLightPyramid and founding of CHORAM light.trans.forms. The ColoredLightPyramid is a space where you may relax and get into contact with your inner light.

Color Light and Pyramids
An Uplifting Combination For Inner Guidance

  • What have color and light to do with pyramids
  • The energy flow in pyramids: effects on matter and biological systems
  • The transformative power of color and light

June 15th 2021, 20:00 CET
11:00 PST, 14:00 EST, 21:00 SA, 4:00 JPN ( June 16th)

EUR 20,00

Farbe Licht Raum
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