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Replay video of second day of retreat „Color & Light Immersions“ Nov.12, 4 hours

Replay video of second day of retreat „Color & Light Immersions“ Nov.12, 4 hours

COLOR & LIGHT Immersions - Sunday November 12

A virtual retreat Presented by Professionals who are Passionate about Color and Light



You as multicolored being. Meditative test: your inner colors. Which colors do you need? Color/Light session: dive into and experience the colors of the rainbow.
Meaning of your reactions to color.

Guidance through the colors of your life – from birth to the present day. You find the resources of your life and empower yourself with them.
Please have paper and colored pencils ready.

Gabrielle M. Buresch-Teichmann:
Holistic Color Consultant, Color/light therapist, Founder of the Color Lights world project, A
Christiane Werzowa: Color consultant and therapist, inventor of the ColoredLight Pyramid, A




„It´s Good to be me“
A gift of inspiration, empowerment and light to take home with you now and to bring light to all of your days ahead.

Features special Heart focussed meditations, bija-sacred sounds, visualizations, affirmations, and yoga to keep your springtimes green- empowering your mental and physical body during the dark winter season.
All thesee ancient healing techniques are combined with High-Tech Bioptron Quantum Hyperlight for treating medical indications and to help you maintain your health and achieve ultimate wellbeing!

Nishant Akhail Matthews MA, LMT:
mystic, researcher, guide and meditator, color therapist, counselor, US/ NL
Olja Lopushansky NL/Ser:  Director of Bioptron NL, Holistic and Quantum Medicine


We proudly present our 7 speakers from 8 countries:

EUR 50,00

Gabrielle M. Buresch-Teichmann

Gabrielle M. Buresch-Teichmann

HDipCTh; A

Holistic Color Consultant, Color/Light Therapist with 30+ years of experience, European Pioneer of Color and Light since 1989. International speaker based in Vienna, Austria. Author. Systemic constellations facillitator. Founder and CEO of the Color Lights world project.

Olja Lopushansky

Olja Lopushansky


Director of Bioptron Netherlands.
Specializations: Quantum Hyperlight - Puncture, Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment, Holistic LIFE Coaching, Ayurvedic medicine, Chakra Psychology, Reiki, Yoga, Drama Therapy.

Nishant Akhail Matthews

Nishant Akhail Matthews


Akhail is a therapist and color light researcher for over 30 years. He is the founder of Samassati Color therapy and author of 2 books. He is a mystic, friend, guide and meditator. He has been a counsellor for 45 years, color therapist for 30. Some part of Akhail is from the USA, and some not.

Christiane Werzowa

Christiane Werzowa


Working with color and light for more than 30 years. Color Consultant, Color/light therapist, inventor of the ColoredLightPyramid, founder and CEO of „Institut für Farbe und Stil“ and „CHORAM light.trans.forms“ based in Vienna, Austria.

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