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October 25th 2022 @ 20:00 CET - Bring your body back into total alignment

October 25th 2022 @ 20:00 CET - Bring your body back into total alignment

Bring your body back into total alignment

Systemic Healing with Polarized and Hyperpolarized Light." Olja Lopushansky, NL director of Bioptron/Zepter, special guest Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Can., Doc of Detox


The Bioptron 7 COLOR FILTERS correspond to the 7 chakras of the human body. Aside from being handmade, the 7 filters contain bio-information. Bioptron drought Bio-information has developed highly-structured regenerative information patterns obtained from derivatives fulleren /c60/. Using various filters which generate Monochromatic HyperPolarized Lights, you will be able to maintain your health, regenerate, and renew yourself due to its unique wavelengths, energy, and bio-information!


In `96, the Nobel Prize was awarded to Kroto, Smalley, and Curl for the discovery of C60. This ground-breaking discovery opened the new chapter in nanotechnology and quantum medicine. C60 derivatives and metal oxides are integrated in ``Bioptron Nanophotonic Fullerene Optics``* which generates Hyperpolarized light; contributing to new medical treatments - to provide a better healthier life. C60 has unprecedented quantum properties, including a unique rotation-twist of 18 billion times per sec. The symmetry and dynamics of this molecule correspond of healthy biostructures. Due to the aging processes and illness, the biostructures (inferior structures) are getting disturbed. Since C60 is the superior structure and ultimate bio-resonator, it interacts through resonance with biostructures, restoring them to their optimal natural healthy state 

(Ref.: Dr. Gerald Pollack, Structured Body-Water for ultimate wellbeing; regeneration on a quantum level).




Olja Lopushansky MA, Specialized in Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment
Director BIOPTRON Netherlands


Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Doc of Detox, World Healing & Training


Participants will receive a free copy of ``Hyperpolarized light`` written by the renowned prof. Dr. Djuro Koruga, PhD, Inventor of the Bioptron Nanophotonic Fullerene Optics; Director ``Tesla Fibonacci Thales`` Nano Center.

EUR 27,00

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