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November 22nd 2022 @ 20:00 CET - Color and Light for Depression and Anxiety

November 22nd 2022 @ 20:00 CET - Color and Light for Depression and Anxiety

Dr. Jeffrey Bruno, US
Discover how specific frequencies of color can target mood. Gain a deeper appreciation of how light and color may influence our brain, emotions and thoughts. Light therapies are becoming an essential part of integrative mental health care.

Rikke Godthjaelp, DK
All humans use light and color to treat depression and anxiety - go for a walk, look to the sky, use a daylight lamp. Sunlight contains all colors, every color impacts us differently. What color is the exact right one at this moment for you to heal? Too much information at the same time can make the body just shut down. A gentil touch of color can be more powerful for you then then the sun. When using advanced auriculotherapy, we ask the body for the right color to use and the right place on the body to treat.

Lien Potgieter, ZA: Use colour to alleviate symptoms of mental or emotional disorders
Colour therapy can assist in finding the root issues that will manifest as either an emotional or mental disorder and works well with many other methods of healing. Mental and emotional disorders are not seen as separate entities in colour therapy. In colour therapy, we work with the person holistically to alleviate issues on the physical, emotional and mental levels simultaneously to bring about balance. All colours hold gifts and challenges. Disorders or imbalances occur when the person is accessing the challenge associated with the colour. Often in colour therapy we will use that colour and its complementary to help the person to access the gifts and overcome the challenges.

Mental disorders are most often associated with blues and violets, whereas emotional issues are most often associated with yellows and greens. Depending on the type of disorder, a colour therapist will use specific combinations or single colours to balance them out.  Symptoms relating to Alzheimer’s, depression, bipolar and autism disorders have been successfully relieved, allowing the people to manage their conditions more effectively. Colour therapy does not cure the disorder, but it can help, in conjunction with medical treatment, to make living with the disorder a lot more manageable and constructive in the long term.


Color and Light for Depression and Anxiety
with Dr. Jeffrey Bruno US, Rikke Godthjaelp DK, Lien Potgieter,  ZA

November 22nd, 20:00 CET, 11 am PT, 2 pm ET

EUR 27,00

Dr. Jeffrey Bruno

Dr. Jeffrey Bruno


Dr. Jeffrey Bruno, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist practicing in Pacifica, CA, U.S.A. ( He provides integrative mental health care to children and adults.  Jeffrey is an author (2014) of "Eat Light & Feel Bright," and a senior practitioner of Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT).

Rikke Godthjaelp

Rikke Godthjaelp


Therapist for more than 20 years. Teaching AuriculoTherapy/Ear Acupuncture, AuriculoMedicine, ChromoTherapy and Posturology since 2010. She created an education curriculum in 2014 and in 2020 this education became the first RAB-Approved AuriculoTherapy /Ear Acupuncture Education in Denmark. Founder of GODTHJÆLP Institute - a clinic, school and research facility in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lien Potgieter

Lien Potgieter

South Africa

Lien Potgieter is a communication specialist, colour therapist and creativity consultant. She is an idea-a-minute kind of creative and loves to use colour to help people live a healthier happier life and co-create with the Universe. Lien published the book Get Color Conscious and Transform Your Experiences, and offers colour readings and personal development consultations online.

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