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December 1st 2022, 20:00 CET - Preserving Eye Health in a Screen filled world

December 1st 2022, 20:00 CET - Preserving Eye Health in a Screen filled world

Nathan Oxenfeld, US:

Screens are one of the biggest sources of eye strain and vision problems in our modern world. Join natural vision experts Nathan Oxenfeld and Ainhoa de Federico as they teach simple, yet powerful strategies to transform screen time into natural vision improvement time. Implementing healthier vision habits while using smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs can leave your eyes feeling less affected by screens and ready to take on more visual tasks.


Preserving Eye Health in a Screen filled world

with Nathan Oxenfeld, US and DDr. Ainhoa de Federico de la Rua, ESP

December 1st, 20:00 CET

EUR 27,00

Nathan Oxenfeld

Nathan Oxenfeld


Certified Bates Method Teacher and founder of Integral Eyesight Improvement. Author of Give Up Your Glasses For Good, host of The Naked Eye Podcast and The Better Eyesight Podcast, and producer of the new documentary „Vision 2020“: From Eyesight To Insight.

DDr.Ainhoa de Federico

DDr.Ainhoa de Federico


Dr. Ainhoa de Federico is a Research Professor at the University of Toulouse, and Director of the Agâpés Master's of Health Education where she teaches Natural Vision Improvement. For over 20 years, she has been helping a growing number of people to see with their own eyes. In 2016, she created the first online course on Natural Vision Improvement in Spanish: 'Volver a Ver Claro'.

To date, she has helped more than 3 million people in over 200 countries to improve their vision naturally through her free classes, with hundreds of thousands of followers and thousands of students in more than 90 countries and in three languages: Spanish, French and English.

She recently launched a number of initiatives, including the 1st Online School for Visual Educators in the Spanish-speaking world, the 1st Forum on Natural Vision and Complementary Techniques ‘Visión Natural 2020 - Una nueva forma de ver’, and the "Global Vision Summit - Natural Vision 2020 - Bringing a New Vision to the World" with 30 speakers from 20 English-speaking countries, bringing natural vision to tens of thousands of people around the world.

Both events helped support the Niñ@s Visionari@s social project, which has already helped more than 250 children in underprivileged environments—where glasses and surgery are not available—to improve their vision in a natural way. Her intention is to have Natural Vision Improvement enter the public schooling system and in the meantime she is getting it to spread around the world.

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