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Full Spectrum Orbit Healing

February 9th @ 18:00 CET

Constance Hart, USA  
The microcosmic orbit is a vital energy pathway that helps to circulate inner energy while simultaneously connecting the human body to the Earth and the cosmos. 


Consciously tuning into this pathway, while meditating with the full spectrum of color energy, offers an incredible healing sensation. The body feels elevated, while the mind expansive. When all color rays are circulating throughout the body, the self feels more aligned with its true essence of light living energy.  Constance will guide us through a Conscious Colors® process that utilizes a more expanded view of the microcosmic orbit.

This Color Healing encourages the body to be a vessel for light energy with a heightened flow of giving and receiving energy. 

Constance Hart is the Founder and Developer of Conscious Colors® and Color Aroma™. Conscious Colors is a comprehensive Color Therapy system for vibrational healing and holistic wellness. Color Aroma is an innovation that combines Color Psychology with therapeutic aromatherapy. Constance is a Color Therapy Pioneer with over 26 years experience as a Color Therapist and Educator. She trains and certifies practitioners worldwide through the Conscious Colors Certification Course. Visit to Learn More

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