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What is color?

Colors are children of light and light is vital for life. (Goethe).

Color is light divided into different wavelengths.

Colors are wavelengths of energy that appear to us as color due to an object’s ability to absorb or reflect light.

An apple is red because it absorbs all colors but red.

What is light?

Quantum physics teaches that light is both a wave and a particle, thus containing two different forms of energy simultaneously.

„Light is the underlying principle of all appearances. We, our bodies and spirit are light.“ (Georg Feuerstein)

„Fifty years of intensive thinking have not brought me closer to the answer to “What are light quantums?” (Albert Einstein)

There has always been a mystical relationship between light and life.

Light and color are a unity. Color cannot exist without light.

Meaning & Effects of Colors

Light and color have an intensive effect on both body and spirit. Consciously or unconsciously we react physically, mentally and emotionally to the interplay of colors.

The basic rule for physical reactions to colors is: the red part of the spectrum creates tension and the blue area creates relaxation.

On a mental level color changes our perception, so that a red room appears smaller than a blue one, for example.

Colors influence the feelings of the observer in accordance with the physical perceptions and related psychological associations that developed from early childhood on.



Living Room:

Are you into yellow or do you prefer red?
Here you can see how color affects a room…


Johannes Itten’s Color Wheel

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